Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some things don't change, but just go faster and faster

It's been a while, mostly because with other social media we are looking for the quick answer and the price of the quick answer is the not-so-great literary format. (Shorthand Twitter stuff and the like)
I tend to reflect as I write and try to carefully convey the issues often with multiple iterations and rewrites. Alas, this is not practical at the speed of today. I must learn to puke out what needs to be said quickly.
So here it is. Bell Cda Scks.
The customer service is crap.
The Sales people cannot get you a timely answer to anything
Orders take too long
They do dumb shit like charge you to tell you what you are paying for on a bill
Everything is an escalation
Upper Management is invisible
Left and Right do not communicate
Sales battles with Service Consultants
Consultant programs have no leverage in the organization
They make you wait on hold for an hour for repair and then disconnect the call and are unable to call you back.
The bills are wrong
The rates don't match the contracts signed and you cannot get it fixed anytime soon
Collections cuts off customers when a $300 bill hits 90 days but they don't try to reach you to see if you moved, the postal strike has delayed the bills etc.
They charge 42.56% per annun for Late Payment Fees (is this not illegal?)
Service offerings are smoke and mirrors - get what appears to be a good rate, but wait for it - the nickle and dime add-ons. They even pay the fines from the Government so they can keep on ripping us off.
I could go on, but you get the picture by now and I don't have any more time today to rant.
Bell Cda Scks.


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