Sunday, February 27, 2005

High Speed Internet at Family Resort

Wireless has made further inroads into making ubiquitous Internet access a reality. I sit here, actually while on vacation, in our condo at Smugglers' Notch Vermont completely attached to my working world. Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? Pundits would argue that we need the downtime to recharge our batteries and it would be better we were off-line.

The reality is probably somewhere in between. I have used the connection to see what's on in the Village, check the Cinema listings for a nearby theatre and had a quick check to see how my pin money has done in the stock market this past week.

The connection here was easy. Turn on the laptop, check out the available wireless networks on the 802.11 network, launch a browser and ta-da... I get the log-in greeting for the resort. Owners here get in for "free" since the cost is buried into the maintenance fee. Guests can subscribe for a day or a week for a nominal fee.

Connectivity is here, it's wireless, and it works all the way up the mountains where you wouldn't think much technology would be (but is).


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