Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bell is at it Again!

Just when you think you've actually got a real live person as your account rep - they stop the music and everyone scrambles to find a seat. A different seat. This of course leaves any current negotiations in the lurch with expired "offers" and the renegotiation process starts all over again. Must be a tactic to avoid offering competitive market pricing I ponder - but with a quick jolt I realize it's none of that, just too much "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" going on.

As a rule, never accept ANYTHING verbally. Get it in writing to at least have a paper trail of dates, times, people. Even with this, things can take ENORMOUS amounts of time. We're still waiting on a rebate for services not received on a maintenance contract at one client's - probably 9 months now. Government account too - Bell has a whole fleet of bodies for this, yet the Director (!) can't get $1200 approved. Sheesh!


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