Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hello? Are we reaching?

Welcome to my Blog! The intent here to talk about Telecom and chastise the nasty carriers who do dum stuff.

I'll start by saying THEY ARE ALL CRAP! That is why clients need services from companies like Can't figure out your bill? That is the main idea with them. Do you think they could bill you correct? Nope. How about install what you ordered? Maybe. How about giving you a good rate? Wrong Again! Even after you get the rate - is it accurately applied. What were you thinking man?

It's been a long time since overseas calls were hit and miss and cost a fortune. Heck I remember a time in the 70's when the Operator came on and ASKED ME for my number so they could bill us. Oh yeah and 411 was FREE too. Gone are the days...


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