Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Long Distance - chump change (click here)

I hesitate to have the appearance of endorsing a particular vendor, but as a consultant I have to answer the question - "Is it any good?".

Now, I have not seen the billing, nor do I know if they keep track of the minutes accurately, but I do know that my calls went through and I could not detect anything inferior about the calls. Tried calling to Burlington, ON from Brantford and also to Florida from Brantford. All calls to Florida - at least this particular destination - seem to be low volume, so nothing to blame on the line it would seem - unless theirs is buried underwater or something!

So it works & while you do have to dial up the CIC code first before you make the call - it's cheap, shows up on your Bell bill, has no contract and no minimum.

Makes you wonder how the average major carrier customer does when they try to negotiate contracted rates for direct dial service?

As it turns out, usually not too well. Therefore, since telecom is not most companies core business, we think having a telecom expert scouring the market for you is a compelling offering.

Of course - that is what we do @ www.schooleymitchell.com/gha . Our aim is always to get our clients the best rates for the best and most convenient services based on their individual needs.

And, if you spend "chicken feed" and only make occassional calls, you can always try one of these dial-around services. If you don't like it, don't use it again. Simple enough!


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