Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BCE is for Sale - Don't ask for your money back.

One of the services we offer our clients is a Telecom Audit. Basically we look for billing errors, redundant services and wrongly rated services.

While you might think finding the error is the hard part - and it is - the reality is that getting the Telco to remove the error is as onerous a task as finding it.

They will fight you tooth and nail to the bitter end. And Lord help you if you should scrape together any evidence they messed up and you actually asked them to remove it at some point in the past and are looking for a credit!

Credit indeed. According to Bell Canada's Article 19 of the Terms of Service, Bell has to credit the client back to the date of the error including any paid taxes AND interest. No wonder Bell is jamming the CRTC to get all their services foreborne - maybe then they won't need to adhere to any rules at all?

I think this is going to be a bad thing for customers in the end. There really is not a viable competition out there for many services. At best its an oligarchy.

Getting any money back from Bell Canada these days is pretty much going to be a long fight. Since they are tentatively SOLD - they do not want to compromise their short term revenues whatsoever - even if that means damaging the long term relationship of a client.

I have never been so mistreated as a client (designated agent for our customer to Bell) in all my career. It's a wonder they can keep any clients. Perhaps it has more to do with the lack of options rather than any semblance of good service for a fair price.

Speaking of good service; we have a trial running with a couple of our clients on Bell's new Select Service. This is supposed to be a premium service you pay Bell for to get the service you already expect from Bell by paying their already premium prices (and then paying again on top). In a nutshell, it is not creating the single point of contact that acts as the customer advocate for all requirements sales and/or repair (as it should). Looks like a waste of money.


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