Sunday, September 04, 2005

GO-SEE, Workflow tool that does not flow.

Q. How many Bell people does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. A whole bunch and none.

First you have to call 310-BELL and yell at EMILY. (She now has an increased vocabulary including several choice 4-letter words) Then you have to speak to an agent who is trained only to answer the phone and knows nothing about light-bulbs. They input your request into the "GO-SEE" system to get you a Sales Representative. Now if the sales rep is away , on course, on holidays, at a customer meeting, or screwing in other light bulbs you'll have to wait. Once you get your sales rep they will be out of the office and can't input the order back into "GO-SEE" so that the "SRC" rep never gets the request until later, much later. Then later, it's input and enters the queue where it gets reviewed sooner or later, expecially if they SRC person is away, on course, on holidays, at a customer meeting, or trying to get the sales rep to screw in the light bulb. Now if you thought the order was in, you are right and wrong. If the sales rep checks Go-SEE , they see it as "Completed" but wait, the order for the light bulb really hasn't gone to the Business Office person who has to enter the order into the system. And they might be away, on course, on holidays or trying to find out what kind of light bulb the sales rep was trying to screw in. So they send the request back to the "SRC" person who updates "GO-SEE". Later, much, much later, the sales rep, back from screwing in lightbulbs for all the escalated orders for the week, logs into "GO-SEE" to see that the order has questions and has to ask the customer about the light bulb again.

To which the client replies, "GO-AWAY" because another telecom company called whose staff actually talk to one another and they determined that it wasn't a light bulb that was needed in the first place.

Gimme a 1FL with a side order of LD and some ExpressVU to go - oh and hold the cell will ya, it gives me high blood pressure.